Stephanie Houston

"We’ve spent 5 years building a very loyal small following that I see has staying power. I love our fans and rum club members because it showcases a diverse group of backgrounds, genders and generations. A spirit has the ability to appeal to anyone, and I feel we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to target market to one group or another specifically. For me, rum reminds me of being on vacation. It’s the “time-off” spirit. I think everyone loves vacay universally no matter what."

Stephanie Houston, President/Cofounder


James Davidson

HYE Rum was founded in Hye, Texas in 2016 by Stephanie Houston and James Davidson. A partnership formed by a mutual friend, the pair had never actually met in person before starting HYE Rum.    

Master Distiller James Davidson, showcases his 8+years of rum specific distillation to HYE Rum. Prior to HYE, James spent several years researching rums in the U.S., France and the Caribbean.  Drawing inspiration from traditional island rums, James continues to craft and refine his spirits, offering a variety of rums, gin and other spirits to his repertoire.